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Secure and private browsing is something we always wanted on the iPhone. The best way to do that on the iPad is through the new Safari browser. In now day part of the successful of any company is the strategy of digital marketing that they uses, is very important that even small company’s is a small one use digital marketing services for small business.

iOS 11 brings new browser features to Safari on iPhone and iPad:

Save passwords and passwords combos.

Delete cookies.

Select tabs you would like to open on the next page.

Choose a color for your toolbar, not just a black-and-white option.

Switch tabs on-the-fly.

View new tabs in Safari on iPhone by tapping the “New tab” button.

Use 3D Touch to quickly move to the next tab or switch to a different one.

New tabpage button on Apple Watch.

Get into apps faster.

“Safari on iPhone and iPad gives you the power to easily view and share all your favorite content, and can also be used to create your own custom tabs that show just what you want. Safari on iPhone and iPad allows you to pin your favorite tabs to the left side of the screen and switch between them easily with a simple swipe.”

Safari in iOS 11 also brings improvements to the notification center. With iOS 11’s notification center, you can dismiss alerts and quick actions in one swipe.

Safari now has a new tab page, a new Apple Watch design and more. WatchOS 3 The new watchOS 3 app is really sleek and well-designed. The Watch app also makes it really easy to send Siri commands directly from the iOS watchOS app.

iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 add new features to your iPhone, including: SiriKit

HomeKit and 3D Touch

Larger icons on the Today view Larger icons on the Home screen Improvements to Siri for faster answers, and more

New iPhones and the new iPhone X introduce a new design, including a notch that lines the entire front of the phone. The back of the phone is now thicker and features a rounded edge. The home button is gone, replaced by a new “Force Touch” home button that brings a new level of interaction to the phone.

iOS 10 and watchOS 3 bring improvements for more powerful, more responsive, and fluid multi-touch experiences across iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, all of which will be available to customers in the fall. For more information on the enhancements coming to iOS and watchOS in 2016, see iOS 10, watchOS 3 and Apple TV: A new beginning.

iOS 10, watchOS 3, and Apple TV: A new beginning In addition to new features, iOS 10, watchOS 3, and Apple TV: A new beginning brings a new look,

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