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About Us:

Around The Clock Security, Inc., is a minority owned and operated Private Security Guard Company that provides armed with 9mm handguns and unarmed Private Security Guard and Services. We are Professionally licensed in the states of Georgia and North Carolina and fully insured. Our goal is to alleviate your security concerns and allow you to focus on your core business and services.
Our clients continue to call on us because of our superior services and because we separate ourselves from other security companies in the following areas:
Tenure / Education – Our President / CEO and Management Team brings more than 50 years of combined law enforcement / security experience. Also the majority of our staff are either current or former law enforcement and/or military personnel.
Supervision – We supervise our staff by frequent on site visits, communication and daily logs are monitored by our management team.
Accessibility / Improvements – Unlike most companies, our President / CEO and his assistants are only a phone call away and are always accessible for our clients. This method allows continuance improvement and on-the-spot administrative decisions to be made if needed. Further more, our management team visits our sites frequently and communicates often with our clients as well to ensure all their needs are being met.
Affordability – Again, unlike most companies, our overheads are minimal; therefore, our rates are always competitive and are usually less than others. You can also be assured that we strive not only to meet your expectations, but to highly exceed them without sacrificing our quality of services.
Service – Security is our business. The safety and security of your business and others are not a job for amateurs, therefore, we offer our clients a peace of mind in knowing that their safety, security and property are being safeguarded and protected by top experience professionals.
We look forward to providing top quality security services for you, “Around The Clock”.

                      Our Services:                                                                              

We provide Armed & Unarmed Security For The Following:

  • Office Buildings / Schools / Colleges / Banks
  • Retail Stores / Restaurants / Hotels / Parking Lots
  • Construction Sites / Subdivisions / Apartments
  • Movie Theaters / Warehouses / Plants
  • Vehicle Patrol / Special Events / Festivals
  • Various Emergency Security Services


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